Hand Painted Wall Mural Art

Frequently Asked Questions

When thinking about getting a mural painting I know it can possibly be a little bit daunting to know how to go about it, and also what it all involves. Please take a look at the information below, which hopefully provides you with any answers you might need at this stage, about mural painting. You can also read more information all about the mural painting process here and also the pricing of a mural painting.

How to find a mural artist near me?

You are in the right place, I am a mural painter that travels all across the UK hand painting murals for walls. It is very easy for you to get a quotation for a mural painting, just contact me directly to discuss your wall painting ideas.

What is a Mural Painting?

"A wall mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface." 

I can paint in a wide range of styles, from decorative intricate murals, to cartoon characters, as well as bespoke designed wall murals to suit your brief.

How long does it take to paint a wall mural?

This depends on several variables… including the size of the wall area, the detail of the design, and the location of your home or mural.  Most wall murals take approx 2 – 3 days to paint. I aim to always try to book in a mural to suit your timescale.

How should the wall be prepared?

If it is an existing wall and the wall is in good condition, no special preparation is required.

If the mural design requires a specific colour for the full background –  the wall will need to prepared  and painted in the background wall colour before I arrive to start painting the mural– and I always provide the colour reference needed for the specific background colour required.

If the wall already has a textured wallpaper on – this will need to be removed (because it is very difficult to paint fine detail on textured walls or brick) once the wall is made smooth a background painted colour is required before the mural is painted.

What type of paints do you use?

I only use safe non toxic low odour emulsion paints which are durable, quick drying and safe for use in children's bedrooms. I use specialist diamond hard paint for high traffic public spaces. All the paints I use keep their colour for years.

"I am fully insured and always provide protection for your carpets and furniture, guaranteeing a clean working environment is always maintained throughout the painting process."

Can you paint a mural on panels to be installed on location?

Yes. I can paint my murals on MDF panels. How the panels are attached depends on the intended longevity of the mural in the space, whether it is designed to be mobile or not.  Panels can be ordered up to 2m x1m in dimension; a large mural may require several pieces fitted together. 

I recently hand painted two murals for either side of a client’s fireplace – but I painted on wooden MDF cut to size so they could take them with them when they next moved house.

I am not sure what kind of artwork I need. Can you help me figure that out?

Yes. I usually begin by discussing your ideas with you with you over the phone or via email free of charge, so I can understand what you are wanting to achieve with your mural painting and the type of room it will be painted in. I can then provide you with some design ideas and options for you to choose from.

Can anyone paint a mural?

Technically anyone can have a go at painting a mural but the results of attempting to paint a mural with no experience may well not be what is desired. Only an artist with a wealth of experience at hand painting wall art will be able to deliver a successful wall mural.

How much does it cost for an artist to paint a mural?

The cost of a mural is just based on the size of the design, detail of the artwork and location. The more elements involved in the design, and the greater the intricate detail involved in a mural painting the longer it takes to paint, and therefore this is reflected in the cost. Contact Joanna for a guide to cost.

What is a hand painted mural?

A hand painted wall mural is a bespoke piece of artwork that is painted directly onto a wall rather than painted onto a canvas that is then hung onto the wall. The beauty of having a hand painted mural is that the artwork can be created to your specific design requirements and budget, as well as your specific wall size.

What is the difference between a wall painting and mural painting?

Wall painting is something a painter or decorator comes and does, to paint your wall with a colour of paint. A mural painting is a bespoke piece of wall art that is created for you, and then hand painted directly on to your wall.

Do murals make a room look bigger?

Yes hand painted wall murals can make a room look bigger, even feature wall murals painted on relatively small walls can make a whole room look much larger, especially murals that are focused on nature or wildlife or the outdoors, wall paintings with these themes can bring the outside in, and create a window or view to a new world.

Are wall murals a good idea?

Hand painted wall murals are a fantastic idea because they are unique, bold, expressive and can be designed to work in any interior or for any decor style. Unlike wallpaper that can look tired and date as well as fade and peel, mural paintings are timeless and can be treasured for ever.

Are wall murals expensive?

No, wall murals are not expensive really if you compare the cost of a high quality branded wallpaper that then has to be professionally installed, the advantage to having a besposke mural created for you is that you can have any design you want, at the exact size you need it.

How long do wall murals last?

Hand painted wall murals can last for a very long time, well over 20 years if they are looked after. I paint my murals in top quality paints and so they last the test of time, and do not fade.

What type of wall is best for murals?

A smooth plastered wall is the best type of wall for a mural to be painted on to, this is because the surface is then flat enough for a high level of detail to be painted onto the wall. Brick walls, and other surfaces can also be painted on to with a mural, but the detail of the artwork needs to be adapted to the surface it is going to be painted on to.

Are wall murals hard to install?

Having a hand painted wall mural is super easy to have installed. You only need to make sure that any furniture is moved back a little bit from the wall to be painted, I then cover all the floor area with dust sheets and any furniture or curtains nearby so everything is protected, and then the mural is painted directly onto the wall.

What is a mural artist?

A mural artist is a person that has trained as an artist and has a breadth of experience in hand painting art directly onto walls. Mural artists have to have a natural ability to be able to translate and scale imagery from a small design into a precise wall mural painting, mural artists also need to be able to listen to their clients and develop a clear understanding of how the client wants the artwork to look.

Can you paint a mural on your house?

This can very much depend on the planning rules that apply to your house or the area that you live in, and whether your house is listed. It is always worth checking with your local council before undertaking any changes such as decorating the outside of your house before going ahead with any work.

Mural painting ideas?

If you are looking for a hand painted wall mural but need some mural painting ideas just feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements further or alternatively you can browse my mural gallery where you can see lots and lots of mural painting projects in different styles. I can chat through what you want and gives you lots of advice and ideas as to what mural art might work for you and your interior.

As a mural designer and painter I can give you free wall art ideas for all types of application including private homes, kids decor, babies nurseries, modern spaces, schools, hospitals, care homes, offices and also soft play centres and play barns.

Further Information about Hand Painted Murals

Joanna is a top mural artist hand painting murals in a wide variety of styles, across the UK.

Joanna also has a large collection of client reviews providing insights into her extensive mural painting skills. To get more mural ideas follow Joanna on Instagram

"..."Joanna I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing murals you have done for our care home, , each and every design is truly breathtaking!"..."
Owner Mrs Giovani
"...I would highly recommend Joanna Perry. She painted a beautiful mural in our daughters playroom which I'm sure we will all enjoy for years to come...."
Rachel Okane, Jungle Mural Leicester
"...Wow – both my girls had a specific idea of what they wanted on their bedroom walls. Joanna Has more than exceeded our expectations..."
Judith Graham, Sunset & Swiss Guards Murals, Cheshire
"...It is fantastic and even better than we expected – the detail on the island and characters are just perfect. Thanks for everything...."
Mark Richardson – Peter Pan Mural
"...I would highly recommend Joanna, her work is amazing, the attention to detail and involvement that she shares with you each step of the way makes the mural experience magical and memorable...."
Jen Holt, Lytham St Annes, Flower Mural
"...Wow! Did I find the right person? Most definitely yes! .Her attention to fine detail is paramount. The girl is good!..."