Riverview Primary School, Book Characters


Gangster Granny Mural
Red Riding Hood Mural
Three Little Pigs Mural
Little Princess Mural
Matilda Mural
Book Character Mural

Riverview Primary school had an extremely long corridor running the full length of the school that the children spent a lot of time walking along, so it was the perfect place for a hand painted mural.

Reading Book School Mural

Popular children's book characters were incorporated into the design, lots of colour and images for the children to look at.



I created a mural that ran the length of the main corridor of the school and also the entrance hall. The theme was famous children's book characters. Many of the children joined in and hand painted flowers on the mural to be part of the project.

The environment of the main corridor was completely transformed by the book character mural and the children loved identifying the flower they had individually painted. The book characters also made the children and staff discuss the relevant story as they walked passed..

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Thank you for a fantastic job Joanna, you have made our school corridor come to life, we love it all.

Mandy Whitehouse, Head teacher Riverview Primary School, Book Characters Mural