Girls Murals

Children's Wall Murals

Creating a personal space for your child is one of those most precious gifts you can give a child. I can help you design a dream like space for your special little girl, and open the door to their imagination with whimsical fairies, enchanting castles and magic sparkling butterflies.....

Kids Wall Mural

Kids do not stay young for very long, the joy of theming your child's room with a fabulous bedroom wall painting, is that you thoroughly embrace this special time, allowing children to be children for as long as possible. Some great themes for girls murals include: princesses, fairies, flower garden, jungle, beach, books, under the sea, dance, sport, pop stars, animals, butterflies, and woodland.

Children's Wall Mural

The joy of a kids room is that you can let your imagine run wild and have great fun with the children's decor, I have listed below some really popular themes for a kids wall mural and if you follow the links you with see my mural paintings of each of these themes, space wall mural, flower wall mural, animal wall mural, forest wall mural, safari wall mural, jungle wall mural, football mural, graffiti mural, woodland mural, tree mural, tropical wall mural.

Further Information about Hand Painted Murals

Joanna is a top mural artist hand painting murals in a wide variety of styles, across the UK.

Joanna also has a large collection of client reviews providing insights into her extensive mural painting skills. To get more mural ideas follow Joanna on Instagram

"...Jo captured exactly what I wanted. I absolutely adore the painting and I know my boy is going to grow up loving it too. Jo. Thank you so much. It's been an absolute pleasure...."
Farah Hussain, Mummy & baby Giraffe Mural, Chester
"...Joanna has exceeded my expectations with the beautiful Wizard of Oz mural she has painted for us. She is so professional in what she does, very reliable and a really lovely person...."