Japanese Cherry Blossom Chinoiserie Mural

Cherry Blossom Mural Painting Art
Japanese Cherry Blossom Mural
Japanese Bird Mural Painting
Japanese Blossom Tree Mural Art
Cherry Blossom Chinoirserie Painting
Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Mural Painting Art
Chinoirserie Blossom Mural Art

This decorative hand painted cherry blossom wall mural is in a De Gournay style, with intricate delicate hand painted pink blossom flowers.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Mural

The branches span across this long bedroom wall, bringing a splash of colour and a fabulous stylish Japanese design to the space, accented with two Chinoiserie teal birds. The flowers are all indiviudally hand painted with different tones of pink and white.








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