Park Springs Care Home, Shop Corridor Mural

Motherwell, Glasgow

Sweet Shop Mural
Cake Shop Mural
Flower Shop Mural
Grocer Shop Mural
Icecream Shop Mural
Pub Mural

Park Springs Care Home, Shop Corridor Mural, Motherwell, Glasgow

The specialist dementia ward was over 20 metres long and just Magnolia walls. I was asked to breathe some life into the space and design a series of murals that would interest the residents and bring back memories. The theme was vintage shop fronts, that the residents used to use in their local town, and included a Co-Operative store, hairdressers, flower shop, ice-cream parlour, sweet shop, bakery and of course a pub.

"Joanna has produced the most wonderful bright, cheerful and detailed murals which have incorporated all the ideas and requests from our residents. The transformation has been incredible, the staff, residents and families are all amazed, and have said what a difference this is going to make to their lives. No longer is it a dark, long and boring corridor, instead we have a stunning, bright and interesting street which makes you smile every time you walk down it. Joanna’s design style, dedication and eye for detail are brilliant."

Rose Brennan Activities Manager, Park Springs Care Home

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