Keate House Dementia Care Home Murals

Dementia Florist Shop Mural.jpg
Dementia Flower Shop Mural.jpg
Dementia Care Home Murals.jpg
Dementia Grocer Shop Mural.jpg
Dementia Sweet Shop Mural.jpg

Keate House is a stunning care home in Lymm that works incredibly hard to provide a visually appealing environment for their all their residents especially those that are suffering with Dementia.

I was commissioned to brighten up a long corridor with Vintage shop front murals to add colour and interest for the residents.

Mathew Clarkson, Business Development Manager, Keate House Care Home

" I would highly recommend Joanna, she was so helpful and professional designing our shop front murals for our care home. Our residents absolutely love them as it helps to take them all back in time.Thank you so much!"

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