Boys Murals

What makes a wall mural special. It's that each one is designed by me especially for your child, and it means they get something amazing. Once you have had a hand painted mural, there is nothing like it, they love them, and never want them changed! A boys bedroom is his kingdom and a wall mural can make his "go to place" not only stylish, colourful and exciting but totally on trend as well....

If you can think it up i can paint it. Click on the pictures below for lots of mural ideas and styles.

Some good themes for boys are: aeroplanes, farms, space, cowboys, transport, dinosaurs, jungle, under the sea, gaming, books, construction, sport, superheros, toys and games, graffiti, hot air ballons, harry potter

"...We had four wall murals painted by Joanna of the castle, train, map and Quiddich pitch and they surpassed all our expectations. I would highly recommend Joanna, her work just comes to life...."
Julie Gailey, Harry Potter Themed Room
"...Joanna recently hand painted superhero’s in my sons new room and he absolutely loved it as did we! She was prompt in replying to any questions, and hand painted the design beautifully...."