Regency Blue Metallic Paint Effect

Regency Blue Paint Effect
Regency Blue Living Room
Duck Egg Blue Paint Effect
Metallic Blue Paint Effect

This Regency Blue consists of sumptuous metallic hues, with decadent light catching pigments, hand crafted to create an opulent textured and toned wall finish, specifically designed for luxury interiors.

The beauty of having your wall hand painted with a bespoke textured metallic paint effect is that it is all designed to fit your wall area.

There is no repeat to the design unlike using wallpaper, which can also peel and fade, your artisan paint effect artwork will be completely unique to you and your space.

This Regency Blue bespoke paint effect is created by using a specialist palette knife technique that minipulates the fabulously metallic paint so that it creates exciting duck egg blue and gold texture, tones and light reflecting shades.

This Regency Blue decorative paint effect delivers a wonderful elegant light reflecting surface decoration to any interior wall.

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