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Joanna Perry Mural Painter

Mural Art For Wellbeing

Acclaimed mural artist Joanna Perry has been hand painting murals across the UK for over 15 years. She uses her paint brushes to bring the natural world into homes and businesses, and now shares her love of mural painting by teaching and helping others to enjoy the calming benefits of hand painting murals.

Joanna’s mural art workshops are designed to give employee’s the opportunity to relax, unwind and have a go at creative mural painting. The workshop combines art with restorative mindfulness exercises, providing employees with a positive new set of skills to deal with stress and anxiety when it arises.

Joanna offers:

  • Corporate Mural Art Workshops
  • Team Building Mural Workshops
  • Bespoke Mural Painting Events
  • Office Mural Art For Wellbeing

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Art Therapy Workshop

Improve Workplace Wellbeing

“Mental health problems in the under-65s account for almost half of all health problems diagnosed by the NHS”

Employees who are less stressed, engage and perform better, experience less burnout, and stay with an organization longer.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be creative and reap the mental health and wellbeing rewards from doing so.

Learning to paint a mural under Joanna’s guidance, as a therapeutic, revitalising new life skill, creates personal growth, and provides participants with a new set of tools to deal with stress and anxiety.

You can use Joanna's Contact Me page to get in touch, and discuss your corporate mural art workshop requirements further.

Corporate Art Wellbeing Workshop

Improve Mental Health

By taking part in Joanna’s mural art workshop and exploring her mindful approach to painting art, employees learn how to paint as a way of expressing themselves, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Research shows that creating visual art for just 45 minutes, can significantly lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone).

Introduce Creative Health

Joanna’s mural art workshops are a wonderful way to help your team stimulate group communication, build teamwork, spark innovative thinking, but also help individuals break down personal boundaries, and reconnect with their inner creative selves.

The workshops are suitable for anyone, including complete beginners to art. No artistic ability required.

Mural Art Wellbeing Workshop

Corporate Mural Art Workshop

Theme of the workshop:

Joanna’s mural art workshop focuses on the theme of the natural world, a theme shown to improve people’s mental health. Joanna teaches your employees how to hand paint a unique, nature inspired piece of mural art. Creating art depicting nature can lower cortisone levels, reduce stress and lower levels of anxiety.

This guided workshop with relaxation exercises throughout incorporates a mindful approach to painting art, from the source of inspiration to experiencing natural materials for mark making, a powerful, de stressing, experience is created.

How the workshop can be delivered:

Workshops can be tailored to your exact requirements and can run from 1hour sessions, ½ day session to full days. They can be held in any space from a staff room to board room, at a location of your choice. The artwork is hand painted onto boards that can be kept by each member of the workshop.


What the workshop covers:

The workshop explores painting techniques including, but not limited to: free flowing painting, mindful mark making, experimental brush work, mindful painting, and relaxation exercises. Resources to takeaway. Quality, sustainable art materials supplied.

How to book a workshop:

Joanna collaborates very closely with each business to understand their work culture and objectives. As part of the booking process, she will complete a brief to include any background information needed to make the workshop content relevant to participants.

Once you have chosen your workshop and date, Joanna will send you a booking confirmation and event plan.

Corporate Wall Art.jpg

Team Building Mural Workshop

This is a creative workshop to get your team to have fun, and work together creatively to produce a collaborative hand painted mural, employees connect with each other whilst benefiting from the positive relaxing effects of creating art.

Joanna will design your own corporate mural based on your specific theme and brief provided, and will then facilitate your staff to hand paint the large-scale collaborative mural painting with guidance and assistance given throughout.

The mural can be a whole painting on a designated wall of your choice and location or created on a series of boards, that when put all together, make up your bespoke company mural art. This is a wonderful way to decorate the workplace with inspirational creative art, whilst promoting positive interaction and wellbeing practice throughout your team.

1960 Vintage Mural

Bespoke Mural Painting Event

Joanna can design for you, a unique corporate mural, at any scale, for a specific event or function.

The bespoke mural design can either be painted at the event by Joanna herself or designed to be painted by staff attending the event, providing the opportunity for employees to take part in the energising, creative experience, increasing general workforce wellness.

Tropical Beach Sea Ocean Wall Mural.jpg

Office Mural Art for Wellbeing

Mural art that depicts scenes of nature are being increasingly used in work settings, to assist with staff integrating back into offices, and to reduce stress and improve health in the working environment. Joanna has years of experience in designing and hand painting original mural art for offices and businesses, you can view more here Commercial Murals

Research demonstrates that, like real views of nature, artwork can reduce anxiety, reduce depression, improve mood, and increase relaxation. Contact Joanna to discuss your corporate wall mural painting further. All project types, scales, budgets and locations catered for.

Further Information about Hand Painted Murals

Joanna is a top mural artist hand painting murals in a wide variety of styles, across the UK.

Joanna also has a large collection of client reviews providing insights into her extensive mural painting skills. To get more mural ideas follow Joanna on Instagram