1 Day - Mural Training Workshop For Artists

Joanna Perry Mural Painter

Joanna has a degree in Surface Pattern Design, and has run her own successful mural painting business for the last 16 years, painting over 50 murals a year across the UK and Europe for many amazing clients, including celebrities, billionaires, millionaires, large corporate clients, top interior designers, the British Forces in Germany and also murals for a visit by the Duchess of Wessex for the RAF.

Joanna's work has also been filmed by Channel Four, and featured in a number of interior and lifestyle magazines.

Joanna now shares her knowledge and skills with other artists – and invites you to come and spend a day at her home, a Grade II listed Coach House, set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, where she runs her unique one to one mural training workshop.

The mural training workshop is specifically designed for artists that want to learn how to create professional mural art, and set up a mural painting business.

Joanna And Little Mermaid Mural

The main goal of Joanna's mural training workshop is to give you the tools to be able to take your own artistic ability and translate that successfully into painting your own mural projects.

The mural workshop training is an intensive one to one workshop, so that Joanna can provide focused tuition to the individual which enables the participant to gain the most they can from the day, and ask as many questions as they want to throughout.

The day is in two parts, the morning covers topics including, how to market your mural painting business, what to do when you get your first proper mural enquiry, producing a mural design and quotation, pricing a mural, and preparing for your first mural painting job.

The second part of the day you will get to work painting your own mural under Joanna's guidance – and as part of this Joanna will also cover:

  • Composition of a mural, designing a mural that works
  • What preparation is needed before undertaking any mural painting
  • The correct paints and equipment to use when painting a mural
  • Scaling up artwork effectively
  • Key ways of how to make sure your mural always turns out the way you want it to
  • Exciting range of painting techniques to use when painting a mural, including blending, tonal work, and texturing

Joanna Perry Mural Training Workshop

This mural training workshop day is designed specifically for artists that already have some experience in painting art, whether that is using acrylic, oil or watercolour, and now want to learn more about painting mural art professionally, and how to set up a successful mural painting business.

So come along to Joanna's next workshop in Cheshire and join her for the day, develop your painting skills, and get the chance to do what you have been itching to do and paint with confidence and creativity on a large scale, become a muralist.

E Book Cover

When attending the workshop you will also get a free copy of Joanna's  "How to start your own mural painting business" digital E-book which has over 30 detailed pages of information and advice, giving any artist a comprehensive step by step guide to the world of creating mural art, worth £49.00

Plus you will also be awarded a certificate of completion of the one day mural workshop.

1960 Vintage Wall Mural

Mural training workshop is based in Sandbach, Cheshire

If you would like further information on dates of Joanna's next workshop please click here to contact Joanna, and she will be in touch to discuss workshop dates.

Testimonial from a recent attendee of the workshop...

"Dear Joanna

I'd like to say a huge thank you for everything you covered with me yesterday ! Had such an amazing day and learnt so much within the time frame. The day was perfectly structured, and I found there was a really nice balance between the commercial knowledge and the painting processes taught."

Mr H McAlphine