Elevate Your Bedroom With Inspiring Wall Murals: Tips and Ideas

Elevate Your Bedroom With Inspiring Wall Murals: Tips and Ideas


Article By Joanna Perry - Mural Artist

Bedroom Wall Mural

Commissioning a bespoke mural for a bedroom is a fantastic way to create the following:

Personalized Expression: Wall murals allow you to express your unique personality and interests in a visually striking way. Whether you prefer tropical landscapes, vibrant cityscapes, abstract art, or intricate floral patterns, there's a mural design to suit every taste. Here is an example of  my hand painted floral bedroom murals magnolia chinoiserie tree mural

Create Visual Impact: By choosing a hand painted wall mural that complements your desired ambiance, you can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom room. From creating a tranquil oasis to a stimulating and energetic atmosphere, to adding a view out to a rainforest or safari, the possibilities are endless. Here is an example of a landscape mountain seaview mural painted for a bedroom.

Bedroom Murals

Create the Illusion of Space: Bedroom wall murals can create an illusion of depth and space in a room. For example, a mural depicting a lush woodland, or an expansive beach or ocean scene can visually extend the boundaries of your bedroom, making it feel larger and more open. An example of this is my Misty tree mural creating a a window out.

Enhance Mood: Colours, textures, patterns and imagery have a profound effect on our emotions and mood. With a carefully selected hand painted bedroom wall mural, you can create a specific ambiance that promotes relaxation, creativity, or energy, inspiration. Soft pastels and nature-themed murals can evoke a sense of calm, while bold and vibrant textures and designs can energize, invigorate, and inspire.

Wall Murals For Bedrooms

Personalised:  My hand painted bedroom wall murals can be created to your exact personal taste and requirements, allowing you to create a truly unique and custom bedroom wall mural design. You can incorporate personal photographs, artwork, or even quotes and phrases that hold special meaning to you, making your bedroom mural an extension of your personal story. Here is an example of a film quote mural art project that was completely custom designed for my client.

Educational and Inspirational: Bedroom wall murals can serve as educational tools or sources of inspiration. For children's bedroom walls, murals featuring educational themes like the alphabet and numbers, world maps, planets, or animals can make learning fun and engaging. Similarly, motivational quotes and phrases, or scenes depicting iconic figures can provide daily inspiration for adults.

Bedroom Murals

Artistic Statement: Wall murals are an art form in themselves. They allow you to highlight your appreciation for art and design, making a bold artistic statement in your bedroom, and an inviting space to be in. With a mural, your walls become a canvas, reflecting your artistic taste and contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Bedroom Wall Mural Ideas

Nature: Bring the outdoors inside with a nature-themed bedroom mural. Choose a serene forest scene, a calming beach landscape, or a picturesque mountain range to create a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere in your bedroom. The vibrant colours and intricate details of nature can provide a refreshing and soothing backdrop for relaxation. Here you can see an example of my safari jungle animal wall mural, bring a little bit of African into my clients home.

Urban: For city dwellers or those who love the energy of urban environments, an urban-themed bedroom wall mural can be an excellent choice. Capture the essence of a bustling cityscape with tall skyscrapers, busy streets, and vibrant lights. This theme can add a dynamic and contemporary feel to your bedroom, perfect for those who enjoy the excitement of the city.

Celestial Calm: Create a celestial wonderland in your bedroom with a mural featuring the night sky, stars, and galaxies. This theme adds a touch of mystery and awe-inspiring beauty to your space. Here is an example of some fluffy cloud ceiling mural for a bedroom ceiling.

Mural ideas For Bedrooms

Imaginary Fantasy: Let your imagination soar with a fantasy-themed mural. Transport yourself to magical realms filled with mythical creatures, enchanted forests, or fairy-tale castles. This theme is perfect for those who love the world of fantasy and want to create a whimsical and enchanting ambiance in their bedroom.

Bold and Abstract: Embrace abstract art and bold colourful expression with a bedroom wall mural featuring vibrant colours, geometric shapes or stripes, and unique patterns. This theme can add a contemporary and artistic touch to your bedroom, allowing you to showcase your love for modern art.

Travel: If you're a globetrotter or have a deep passion for travel, consider a bedroom wall mural that celebrates that. Ideas include a world map mural to showcase your love for exploring different cultures and destinations. Alternatively, choose a collage of travel landmarks or scenes to create a personalized and inspiring bedroom.

Bedroom Wall Murals

Zen: Create a peaceful and Zen-like atmosphere in your bedroom with a mural inspired by Asian aesthetics. Cherry blossoms, bamboo forests, or serene Zen gardens can bring a sense of tranquillity and balance to your bedroom. This theme is perfect for those seeking a serene and calming retreat within their own home. Here is an example of a charming birds mural adding floral calm to a bedrom wall.

Vintage Retro: Capture the nostalgia and charm of a bygone era with a vintage retro-themed bedroom wall mural. Choose bold patterns, vintage signage, or iconic images from the 60s, 70s, or 80s to create a fun and playful atmosphere in your bedroom. This theme can add a unique and eclectic touch to your space.

Remember, the key to selecting a bedroom wall mural theme is to choose something that resonates with your personal interests, preferences, and desired atmosphere. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative, let Joanna design a bedroom wall mural for you that truly reflects your style and makes a statement in your bedroom.

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