Children's Wall Murals

Children's Wall Murals


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Hand Painted Wall Murals For Children's Rooms

Here at Joanna Perry Murals I specialise in children's murals. I can help you create a beautiful, colourful, and fun space for your child to enjoy. Whether it's in their bedroom or in other areas of the house, I can provide a mural that will be an amazing addition to your home.

I work with you to create the perfect mural for your child's room. I listen carefully to your ideas and preferences so that I can create something that will look great and make your children happy!

Children's murals are a fantastic way to add colour and vibrancy to any room in your house. Not only do they make rooms more fun and exciting, but they also help children learn. My murals are hand-painted, so they are more than just a photo print on the wall. They're truly works of art!

Children’s Murals

Children's murals are a terrific way to make a child's bedroom feel like a magical world. I can paint any mural you want, and I have over 17 years of experience painting all kinds of murals for kids' rooms, including princesses, castles, trains and airplanes, animals, and more!

Let me help you create a mural that will inspire their imagination and stimulate their creativity. I offer hand-painted murals for children's bedrooms that are unique, fun, and educational. Whether they're into trains, animals, or outer space, I can paint something that will make their walls come alive!

Joanna’s space planet wall mural is a good example of how a plain wall in a kid’s room can be transformed. 

Joanna's Little mermaid mural painting show how much colour and vibrance can be added to a room by having a hand painted mural.

Children Wall Paintings

Children's rooms need to be fun and exciting, but they also need to be safe and secure. With my hand painted wall murals for children, you can achieve both of these goals at once! My murals are guaranteed to stand the test of time, so your child will enjoy them for years to come. My mural categories Boys and Girls have lots more exciting examples of children’s wall murals for you to look through.

Children’s Rooms

I can paint a wide variety of designs and styles, so you can find something that fits your child's personality perfectly. Whether your little one wants a mural of their favourite cartoon character or something more abstract, I can help!

If you want to make sure that your child is sleeping in a safe environment every night, then it's important that their bedroom looks inviting as well as being functional. My murals will give them the space they need to rest peacefully.

Children’s Wall Murals UK

Children's wall murals can be used to create an entire story or simply as a backdrop for other decorations, such as a child's bed or desk. If you want, you can also get more elaborate pieces that include other elements like furniture and animals. For example, if you have a little girl who loves horses and ponies, you could get a mural with horses on it!

My Princess Unicorn Castle Mural is a splendid example of this for a girls room.

Murals For Children’s bedrooms

Murals for children’s bedrooms are especially popular because they offer a unique way to make sure that your child feels like they are part of their own space when they're sleeping in their room. If you have a specific idea in mind, I can collaborate with you to make it happen!

The marvel comic hero mural scheme I painted is a notable example of how to theme an entire children’s bedroom with your kid’s favourite marvel characters.

Children’s bedroom mural artist near me

Wall murals for children's rooms are a wonderful way to help your child imagine their own world and the stories they want to tell. Whether it's a jungle, an underwater adventure or even outer space, a children's mural can help your child's imagination come to life.

The tropical rainforest jungle animal mural scheme I hand painted is a fitting example of how a mural can bring nature and adventure into a child’s bedroom.

As a children’s mural painter, I will work with you to create a wall mural that is both beautiful and functional. I will work with you to pick out colours and design elements that will make your child happy!

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your children's mural project further, you can give me a ring on 07940161918 and get a guide to price for a hand painted mural over the phone.

Interested in comissioning a highly experienced children's mural painter, please visit Joanna Perry Murals to read more about my work and see lots of murals for child's walls.

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