Murals For Office Walls

Murals For Office Walls


Author : Joanna Perry

Murals For Offices

Researchers in behaviour psychology have discovered that the aesthetic design of wall space can directly increase or decrease a person’s motivation, creativity and learning ability.

Murals for offices and working environments have the ability to not only add colour and interest to a space, but also create a stimulating, exciting and energising environment.

Bespoke mural paintings for companies can add brand personality, and also display the values, or philosophy of the business in a specific style whether that be to illustrate the professionalism of the brand or showcase the bold creativity vibe of an organisation and its ethos.

Art Murals For Offices

Well designed commercial wall murals for offices can cleverly define different zones to the office space, bold bright designs for creative zones where idea generation happens, message styled murals for areas where company culture might want to be encouraged, and calm mood nature themed murals for areas where relaxation and rest is provided.

Office Mural Ideas

Create a stimulating office environment, where staff release their imagination with bold mission statement murals. Reenforce your company’s vision for the business through info graphic murals, create mellow, soft, meditation spaces for your staff with calming botanical modern wall mural painting.

Why murals are good for businesses

This year is an especially crucial time for employer’s to innovatively improve their workspaces to encourage staff to come back to the office, rather than work from home. Hand painted corporate wall murals are a very easy way to take advantage of a blank wall, and deliver colourful, energising mood boosting imagery whilst displaying the philosophy of a business.

Workplace Murals

Creative commerical wall murals are the perfect opportunity for businesses of all types from big corporates to gyms, hotels, bars, restaurants, care homes, and schools to showcase their businesses goals, and provide exciting, stylish, stress-free environments. 

Promoting Office Wellbeing

Wall murals enable a company to illustrate the best parts of their company culture, peaceful nature inspired wall murals can deliver an atmosphere for people to unwind and spend personal time with colleagues. Murals in the workplace can be tailored to encourage free-thinking, positive thinking and collaborative working ideas, thoughtful design of murals for offices can increase mental energy and lift people’s moods.

Joanna Perry Murals offers a full range of wall murals including modern, traditional, trompe l'oeil, and outdoor murals.

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