Murals For Nursery Walls

Murals For Nursery Walls


Author Joanna Perry

Murals For Nursery Walls

Wall murals for babies' nurseries are a wonderful way to add colour and design to your child's room.

If you are looking for the perfect way to decorate your baby's nursery, look no further than Joanna Perry Murals to help you create a magical space for your new-born.

Nursery Wall Murals

With my range of wall mural ideas for nurseries, you will be sure to find something that will match the theme of your nursery. I can hand paint nursery wall murals in a range of styles and designs, so you can choose something that will fit perfectly on any part of your wall. I am happy to work with you if you have a specific idea in mind—just let me know what it is, and I will see what I can do!


Murals are the perfect way to bring your baby's nursery to life. There are so many themes you can choose from to make your baby's room special,

Nursery Mural Ideas

  1. Bright lion king cubs nursery mural is a happy positive theme
  2. Jungle Animal mural, with giant palm trees and colourful jungle animals
  3. Beatrix Potter character murals, soft delicate artwork for a unisex theme
  4. Woodland Animal Forest mural theme, wonderful for bringing the countryside theme into your nursery.
  5. Traditional Winnie the Pooh mural theme is another classic style to choose if you do not know the sex of the baby
  6. Paddington Bear Wall Mural, a stylish and modern theme for a nursery wall mural.

You can also include words into your nursery mural painting that mean something special to you as a parent and have them hand painted on the walls alongside meaningful mural paintings.

Nursery Murals Hand Painted

A hand painted wall mural is one of the most popular ways to decorate a baby's nursery. It gives you the opportunity to create a whole new world for your baby, where they can play and explore without having to leave their room.

Nursery Mural Painters

If you are looking for something unique for your nurseries interior then a mural painting is the answer.

Please look around my Gallery and enjoy browsing the nursery mural category where you will see lots of examples of hand painted murals. If you are looking for nursery wall art ideas, this is where you need to head to.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your mural project further, you can give me a ring on 07940161918 and get a guide to price for a hand painted mural over the phone.

Interested in comissioning a highly experienced nursery mural painter, please visit Joanna Perry Murals to read more about my work and see lots of murals for nursery walls.

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