Corporate Mural Art Workshop

Corporate Mural Art Workshop


Author Joanna Perry

Corporate Wellbeing

Our Mural Art Wellbeing workshop combines the of fun of creating a unique meaningful piece of artwork, with time out to practice restorative mindfulness exercises throughout the workshop.

Mural Art for wellbeing is a workshop programme that was developed by top mural artist Joanna Perry Murals to help employees engage with art in a way that makes them feel good, rather than just distracting them from their stressors.

Creative Health

Our workshop gives employees the opportunity to try something new, but also the time and space to positively rest, re set and be creative. A calming, de stressing, mindful, creative corporate art workshops, for people in the busy working world.

Mental Health Awareness

Creating art can help reduce stress levels and improve moods in the workplace. Studies have shown that taking part in a creative activity, even for a brief period of time can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and increase happiness levels in employees.

Corporate Wellness

By introducing a Corporate Art Workshop to your corporate wellbeing program, ensures you are taking steps to ensure your employees feel happy and healthy, and that their workplaces are environments where people want to be.

It is not just about keeping the company's bottom line healthy—it's about keeping employees happy and productive. And when you are happy and healthy, you're also able to do your best work!

Mental Health in the Workplace

Our mural art wellbeing program is designed to help employees get back to basics. We want them to feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day—and that is exactly what we'll do for you. Our workshop helps people combat the negative effects of stress on the body and mind, by helping them tap into their creative side and reconnect with themselves.

Our corporate art workshops aid and develops creative thinking skills, as the act of creating art itself has been proven to be beneficial to our health, wellbeing and productivity.

It's not hard to see why: studies show that workplaces with employee wellness programs tend to be less stressed out—and more productive. In addition, studies show that people who experience art as part of their workday are happier, healthier and more engaged at work than those who don't.

Mural Art Workshop

Throughout the day a series of painting techniques are shared and taught. A range of mindful exercises are also taught at intervals throughout the time as well.

The individual not only comes away with their own inspirational, personal piece of artwork, but they also get the chance to release tension and create calmness in their mind.

Burn out is becoming a noticeably big problem in the working world, our corporate art workshops gives an individual some time out, a day to relax, re focus and access their creative thinking. The workshop gives each person lots of freedom to paint in the style and colours they want to paint, giving lots of opportunity for personal expression and experimentation.

Employee Wellbeing

The workshops are run by top UK mural artist Joanna Perry. Joanna has been professionally hand painted murals across the country for the last 15 years and now shares her love of painting murals with others, so more people can experience the calming, relaxing benefits of creative painting.

For more information about our Corporate Art workshops please click on this link, to read more details of how the workshop is run.

We can cater for large and small groups of people and can hold the workshops at a location of your choice.

The workshop can be adapted to be bespoke to your individual business’s needs, whether that is a 1 hour session, 1/2 day or full day workshop required.

You can get in touch with Joanna using the Contact Me contact from, or email Joanna directly or give Joanna a ring on 07940 161918 to discuss how she can deliver you a unique health and wellbeing creative art experience for your staff. 

Joanna - The Mural Painter

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