Mural Painting Ideas

Mural Painting Ideas


Article written by Joanna Perry Murals

If you're looking for mural painting ideas, I have some great ones for you.

Wall Murals For Kids

Mural painting ideas for children's rooms are a great way to create a fun and inviting space for your kids. From murals of animals to cartoon characters, there are many options that will make your child feel right at home. If you have an aquarium or fish tank in your child’s room, it would be nice to have an underwater scene painted on one wall so that your little one can look at it while napping or playing with toys nearby! You could also do something fun like create a scene from their favourite book or movie!

Murals For Children’s Bedrooms

A mural in a child's bedroom is a great way to create an exciting and inviting space. The best thing about murals is that they're easy to change, so your kids can have a new one every few years if they want. Here are some ideas for murals you can paint in your kid's room:

Children’s Wall Murals

For boys a mural of the ocean, with fish and other sea creatures, mural of outer space, with stars and planets, for girls maybe a mural of their favourite animals (cats, dogs, pandas), mural of their favourite superheroes (Batman and Wonder Woman).

It's never too early to start decorating your child's room or nurseries, and there are a lot of different ways to do it. A mural can be a great way to add colour and interest to your child's room, especially if you want something that isn't too expensive or time-consuming.

The best thing about murals is that they're so versatile. You can paint them anywhere—on walls, fences, the ceiling, even on furniture.

-You can paint murals on your child's closet doors or dresser drawers, so they have something fun to look at while getting dressed in the morning and before bedtime at night.

Wall Murals For Living Rooms and Bedrooms

If your living room isn't quite big enough for multiple paintings, consider using one large mural instead!

If you're looking for murals to paint in your living room, you may want something simple and elegant and modern, or something more traditional in style but a little more "in your face." There are many options available depending on the style of your room and what kind of vibe you're going for, chinoiserie is a very popular mural theme for lovers of florals.

I am excited to help you create a mural that's perfect for your home.

Murals For Walls

Your walls can be a work of art.

With our murals, you can create your own personal space that reflects your style. I offer a wide variety of different types of murals, including those with animals and flowers, those with geometric patterns and more. You could also try a trompe l oeil mural painting, creating a trick of the eye.

If you prefer outdoor spaces like patios or decks where people spend time together as much as possible (like me!), then outdoor murals can be brilliant way of breathing more life into your garden, especially in the winter months.

Commissioning a hand painted wall mural is one of the best ways to add colour and character to your space. If you're looking for an idea for your kid's room, or a mural for your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, I have got you covered! I will work with you to create a personalized mural that will bring life to any room in your home.

I can help you find a mural that will fit your space and complement its surroundings. Contact me today Joanna Perry mural artist near me. Email