Wall Paint Effects

Wall Paint Effects


Wall Paint Effects

Feature walls are a great way to experiment with lots of different finishes, wall paint effects, textures, shapes, patterns and splashes of colour. Wall paint effects are exceptionally brilliant for using on accent walls. You can make your feature wall dramatic with bold textures and colour or use a soft subtle finish to create an inviting and warm space.

Here are some of the do's and don'ts to keep in mind when using both wall paint effects and other finishes on feature walls, plus guidance on how our beautiful decorative hand-crafted metallic paint finishes can be incorporated into any interior.


The Do's of Feature Walls

Make sure the colour, texture or pattern you chose for your accent wall tones in with the rest of the room and compliment the rest of the colour scheme used. Its fine to go for bold colours but only if the rest of the space reflects the same style.

A great way to use a feature wall is to define a space or area within an open planned interior. For example, you can use an accent wall to highlight a dining area situated within a combined living and dinning area. Then add some contemporary dining furniture in modern shapes, with great designs found at ikea to compliment open plan living design.

Using one of our unique bespoke metallic paint effects, such as the Regency White Metallic Artisan Paint effect, you can add a focal point to any room with ease.

Do make sure you spend time to work out which wall will work the best within your chosen room. Consider the location of the furniture and also where your lighting is coming from. Get inspiration for your design online, vogue the wonderful interior design inspiration for interiors. For a bedroom a great feature wall can be behind the bedhead area, or in a living room the wall area behind the TV can be a great idea.

Don’t add two contrasting feature walls within one room, this can just look two busy and not well thought out. Let the structure of the room guide you, when you enter the room, your eye should naturally be drawn to one spot, and this is normally where your accent wall lends itself to.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. It is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to trying out a new colour or pattern. A wonderful deep rich paint colour such as the shades found at farrow-ball are great to use. Research your ideas and take a chance on design idea for your home décor.

Do chose the right space for a strong, stylish feature wall, small rooms can be made to feel even smaller if you just do one wall, in this case covering all the walls of a tiny space can make the room feel larger as it tricks the eye.

Don’t add an accent wall to an already very busy space. If the room is already crowded adding a feature wall will only create more chaos to the space and make the room feel uncomfortable. Stick to using feature walls in rooms that have the space and lack of clutter to showcase the feature.

Do look for something different when creating a feature wall, embrace texture, tone and light reflecting qualities in a finish. Our bespoke hand crafted decorative metallic paint effects are perfect for accent feature walls because they are sumptuous, tonal, textural and unique.

For more information about our range of Artisan Metallic Paint Effect please click this link  Artisan Metallic Paint Effects to see more examples.

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