Metallic Silver and Golds For Home Interiors

Metallic Silver and Golds For Home Interiors


This year also see the ever-increasing rise of Metallic finishes. Metallics of all shades from sultry silvers to shimmering bronzes and stylish golds continue to be an extremely popular interior design theme.

Metallic golds and silvers are used throughout interior design in many different areas from a huge feature wall hand painted in an artisan metallic paint finish as the examples below by top UK mural painter Joanna Perry, to accent pieces of furniture being painted in gold leaf paint in areas to bring an air of opulence to an otherwise under rated piece of furniture.

Joanna Perry Mural Artist has created a range of hand painted metallic artisan paint finishes that display dramatic texture and tone, created by applying and manipulating the paint with a sophisticated palette knife technique, that she has mastered over the last 15 years.



Mixing Golds and Silvers

Some people might question whether it is ok to mix metallic shades, and yes it the answer, combining shades of soft golds with sumptuous silvers can really upgrade your space to another level of glamour.


Gold Gold

Gold leaf effect and gold soft furnishings are one of the most opulent ways to decorate your interior space, and sometimes it just great fun to go completely over the top, and gold is definitely the colour to do that with.

Layering Tones of Metallics

Don’t be shy when it comes to accenting a room with metallic shades, soft metallic tones of gold, silver and bronze all work very well together, and can be combined beautifully with a white background colour, or if you want to be bold place these shades on a dark blue or even black wall colour, for dramatic effect.


Contrasting tones of silver and gold will bring some sophistication to any interior space and be completely on trend for 2022.

Contact Joanna Perry – mural painter to discuss her range of artisan metallic paint effects and finishes further  Mob: 07940 161918 

More examples of her Artisan Metallic paint effects and finishes including her very popular gold leaf paint finish - can be viewed at