Barkitecture The New Interior Design Trend For 2022

Barkitecture The New Interior Design Trend For 2022



Barkitecture is becoming the next big thing in home decoration for 2022, it’s not just luxurious kitchens and bathrooms that need a makeover it’s now about creating an inviting and luxurious space in the home for your beloved pet. This new trend sees owners focusing on creating a design lead space for their pets.

Luxury dog rooms as a search term has increased by a whopping 115% according to new data from Pinterest, luxury cat rooms and cat house designs are also on the up with pet owners wanting to create luxury stylish spaces for their pets to relax, play and sleep in.

Pet owners are now creating climbing areas incorporating scratching posts, shelving, tunnels and jumping off posts all cat friendly for their adorable furballs. Dog owners are using cosy cupboard spaces and lining walls with funky wallpaper and having bespoke beds made for their puppies and dogs. This trend is all about owners wanting to embrace their pets’ accessories, elevating the beds baskets and pet toys within the home rather than hiding them away. Over the last couple of years pets have really provided love and companionship for a lot of people going through the pandemic and now people are looking to upgrade their pet’s area of the house to something stylish and fun.

Trending search terms for this theme are “Catify your home”, “Cat house design”, “Luxury Cat Room” and “Luxury Dog Room”, as pet owners want to offer their furry companions something a little more that just the standard pet accessories, moving towards more bespoke spaces for their pets.

Pet owners are embracing the luxury pet interior’s theme by dedicating spaces in the home such as a spare bedroom, unused clock room, conservatory or even their very own purpose-built home.

A hand painted mural is the perfect addition to the Barkitecture theme, adding another dimension to a space specifically designed for animals.