Mural art for interiors : Definitive Guide

Mural art for interiors : Definitive Guide


Mural art for interiors : Definitive Guide

A comprehensive resource that covers everything there is to know about mural art for interiors

How to commission a mural?

If you choose the right artist, commissioning a mural will be very straight forward. I always work very closely with each client, so that I can understand what it is they are wanting to achieve. When enquiring about a mural it is always handy to have decided where in your home you are wanting the hand painted artwork and have researched some ideas that are along the lines of what you have in mind. A good mural artist will then take it from there are create designs and quotes for you.


How to choose the right mural for your home?

There are lots of different reasons why you might want a mural in your home, from moving to a new home and wanting to add something unique to your new home, to building an extension and wanting to make a feature zone to that new build area, to creating a calming atmosphere to a living area, to creating a very special themed scheme for a new member of the family.

Focus on the style you like, the colours you like, what you are wanting to achieve whether that’s a view out, a bright colourful talking point, or an inspiring working space.

Popular Styles & Themes of Mural Art

Jungle is an excellent theme for children’s rooms and nurseries because they are colourful, fun and can contain lots of different animals for interest. Chinoiserie mural painting is a very popular theme for adults because it can be tailored to an individual’s style and colour scheme and made as bold lively, and busy as needed. Window murals are very popular for people wanting to create more of a feeling of space and take the eye away, they are brilliant for making a room feel much larger.

What is the cost of Mural?

The cost of a bespoke hand painted wall mural just depends on three things, the detail of the artwork, the location to the artist, and the size of the design. These three factors greatly affect the cost of a mural, and each artist does charge differently mainly based on their skill level and experience. Most artists will be able to give a guide to price once they understand roughly what sort of artwork you are after.

The Advantages of a hand painted mural?

The beauty of commissioning a bespoke hand painted piece of mural art is that it will be designed to your exact specific requirements. Mural art can also be created to work to any configuration of wall area whether that is internally or externally. Murals can be created so they take in personal elements and features. They can be designed so they work round large pieces of furniture or to frame a mirror and fireplace for example.

How long does it take for a mural to be painted?

The time it takes to paint a mural is just based on the level of detail in the design, and the size of the mural. A mural that covers one wall area of approx. 4m in length could take a couple of days to complete, again your mural artist will be able to estimate the time when they provide you with the quotation

Why have a hand painted mural ?

I have come to learn why people commission mural art, whilst painting murals for the last 16 years, and the reason is because it is personal, unique to the owner, a complete one-off specially created for them and no – one else and that is what makes a mural painting so different. My clients value having an actually painting that shows my brushstrokes, craftsmanship and energy through the painting.

If you would like to comission your own hand painted wall mural just get in touch you can chat through your ideas by contacting me on 07940 161918 or just drop me an email