Business Murals by Joanna Perry | mural painter and artist

Business Murals by Joanna Perry | mural painter and artist


Business murals

Murals for businesses by Joanna Perry Murals

Murals are captivating solution for businesses of all industries and backgrounds.  wall mural designs are bespoke  to meet your business’s needs. And with the vast number of competitive businesses , separating yourself and standing out from everyone else is a number one priority.

Murals are extremely visible and are vivid and bold

Murals are extremely visible and are vivid and bold And having these murals in an office or business have a way of motivating employees and keeping them productive and focused throughout the workday. Additionally, they help with the interior design of office.


Creating brand awareness

Unique murals for the walls of your office will contribute to the brand awareness you set for both employees and visitors as this is probably going to be the first thing they see and will contribute to the image your brand or business is trying to portray , this is why a bespoke mural is perfect for a businesses image as it can be fully bespoke to your business and can highlight what you business represents in a fun way that visitors and staff can see.


Employee enthusiasm

A mural in your workspace can create  positive and appreciative environment around your office and  can increase the enthusiasm in your staff as well as improving  their work mentality


Focusing on your audience

Focusing on your audience is one good use of a mural for your business is to speak to the audience that is viewing it in your office or waiting room, its best to for your mural to pinpoint the  audience you’re looking to connect with and inspire. Do you have employees who need the motivation to get through the workday? Are you struggling to create a company culture everyone can participate in?

Have you been looking for ways to better connect with customers while they wait for their appointment or request service? Your audience has an immense power over the direction of your design for a wall mural in your offices or waiting rooms.

Wall murals instantly energize a space

The best way to positively improve an office space  is to add a wall mural. An open office floor plan; a cluster of computer desks; a cramped and windowless conference room; an otherwise drab hallway. Each of these spaces could be dramatically improved with the simple addition of a wall mural. Wall murals boost the energy of a space by adding dynamic visual interest.