Mural wall art painter near me - Joanna Perry Mural Artist

Mural wall art painter near me - Joanna Perry Mural Artist


I travel all across the country, hand painting bespoke artwork to liven up interiors and exteriors, it is just one way to brighten up a dark room, and below I have detailed a number of other ways in which you can bring light and life into a dark room, plus I also talk more about how to commission a mural for your special space.

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Tip 1

Don’t block out natural light with heavy curtains. Make sure that whatever window hanging you use cuts into the window as little as possible. Go for light shades of fabric that make the window feel larger than it is. Also avoid placing large objects on windowsills, as they too will block out precious light.

Tip 2

Consider using statement pieces of furniture with reflective surfaces such as glass and metal so that they reflect the light around the room.

Tip 3

Pale wooden flooring will brighten up even the darkest of spaces, and because of the pattern of the wood flooring it will also make the area loom a lot larger.

Tip 4

Hang a large mirror directly opposite your window and this will act like another window in the room and reflect the light from the opposite window as well.

Tip 5

Place important on lighting – it may seem a little obvious but lots of different lighting is essential. Add a floor lamp to a corner area to project light in the recesses, also have a good number of table lamps dotted around the room and also side wall lights are good at projecting light well, onto the walls and ceiling areas.

Tip 6

Commission a bespoke mural. Have a mural design and created for you to draw the eye to a particular area of the room, Trompe L’Oeil window murals are an extremely clever way of making a rom feel larger and bringing a focal point into a room, vistas of fields and rolling hills can add lots of light and life to a space. Alternatively, tree murals are a beautiful way to add some colour, texture and life to a wall area, again making the room feel larger. Commissioning a mural is very easy, just make contact with Joanna using the link below and Joanna will create appropriate designs for you.