How to transform your outdoor space with a mural

How to transform your outdoor space with a mural


How to transform your outdoor space with a mural…

Outdoor murals are the perfect way to decorate your exterior walls, garden, patio, balcony, hot tub or swimming pool area, or just to brighten up a boring shed or fencing. In addition to adding design to a space, a mural makes a great conversation starter for any outdoor living space. One of the best things about this transformation tool is that the possibilities are literally endless. Joanna has created a variety of outdoor murals from beautiful decorative wisteria murals for wall areas that cannot grow real creeping foliage, to Greek pots bursting with flowers and foliage to brighten up the side of a garage, to hand painted landscapes of rolling hills in arched stone frames .

Your outdoor space can be just as inviting, comfortable, and stylish as your interiors, but it also offers fresh air and nature. So it's the best of both worlds.

A hand painted outdoor wall art painting is a simple & beautiful way to add colour & interest to your garden or outdoor area, all year round.


When we think of a garden with boundaries we usually imagine brick walls, concrete walls, fences, bamboo screens and so on but why are we all so keen to stick to the ‘safe’ options? The garden is an extension of our home and also a place where we can allow creativity to flow. You add flair and design to your flower beds, you carefully decide which patio to go for, you colour coordinate areas to make them aesthetically pleasing and you may even have a whole theme going on throughout so why not let this spill over onto those walls and boundaries and even onto garden buildings?

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What Is An Outdoor Wall Mural?

An outdoor wall mural for the garden is a piece of artwork which is usually painted onto exposed walls or garden buildings. You can choose whether or not this artwork fills the entire space, whether parts are covered with creeping plants or if you want a small image or a large, bold statement; the choice is all yours. What a mural is there to do is to draw the eye to an area that may usually be overlooked and to bring the onlooker into the story you are trying to tell in your outdoor space.

How Can I Have an Outdoor Wall Mural in My Garden?

The starting point is to get in touch with Joanna Perry and chat through your ideas, and then Joanna will create design ideas for your outdoor living area or garden and provide colour illustrations of the artwork concepts along with a quotation for the mural art.

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