Abstract Decor is the Exciting New Trend You Need to Try

Abstract Decor is the Exciting New Trend You Need to Try


Abstract Decor is the Exciting New Trend You Need to Try

Your home should be a true expression of your taste and personality. To help with this, there's a fresh new decor trend that allows for complete creative expression. It's fun, it evokes a free-spirited vibe and it's easy to achieve if you hire me!

Taking inspiration from contemporary abstract art, this look is characterised by graphic geometric designs, punchy, playful colour and "imperfect" hand-drawn motifs. You can go for sharp lines and block colour or the natural feel of impressionist-style freehand sketches. Key colours include rusty red, navy blue, mustard yellow and washed-out purple; sit contrasting colours together for maximum impact. Wallpaper is out and painted walls are in, so a hand-painted wall mural by me will put you at the forefront of the trend!

Abstract decor works in any room where you want to make a statement, but is particularly effective in the living room, dining room or bedroom. An abstract mural isn't restricted to large spaces either, because I can adapt the design to suit the size and layout of your chosen room. Your accessories should be modern in style to complement the walls; think cushions with paint splash prints, throws with Scandi geometrics, dinnerware with colour block patterns and bed linen in striking shades.

If you want to try the trend and you're tempted to get handy with a spirit level and a roll of masking tape - don't! An abstract wall mural is best left to the professionals for the most stylish results. Together, you and I can brainstorm some design ideas and then you can leave it to me to sketch your impressionist wall art or map out your colour block mural.

Whether you want something quirky and thought-provoking or clean and bold, I'll work to recreate your vision. Get in touch and we can start turning your abstract dreams into reality!


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