How to Create a Beautiful Sanctuary with Japanese Home Decor

How to Create a Beautiful Sanctuary with Japanese Home Decor


How to Create a Beautiful Sanctuary with Japanese Home Decor

If you want to bring calm to the chaos in your home and refocus your spiritual energy, there's an elegant new decor trend you should try. Interior design edits are awash with Japanese-inspired prints and soothing paint shades, intended to help you create a home sanctuary away from the madness of modern life.

The look is a fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian rustic. It takes a "less-is-more approach" so it's easy to live with and makes your space feel uncluttered and peaceful. It works particularly well in the living room or bedroom - places where you retreat to relax. Here's how to recreate the look in your home.


Pale blue, soft green and light grey are the cornerstones of this trend. Rose pink and rust appear too, layered with accents of rich teal and emerald or deep indigo and black.


Structured wooden furniture is essential. Pale Scandi-style wood should be layered with Japanese-style black wood to add depth to your room.

Soft Furnishings

Rich silks feature heavily with this trend, ideally printed with stylised Oriental motifs like graceful birds and cherry blossom trees.

Wall Decor

Hand-painted wall murals complement the Japanese look beautifully. A tranquil Oriental scene, dotted with dancing cranes and painted across an entire wall, will transport your mind to a Zen retreat. An ancient, elegant tree painted around a single doorframe will create a focal point that underpins the rest of your scheme.

Using soft colours and delicate brushstrokes, I'll create an enchanting Japanese wall mural in the room of your choice. I'll aim not only to make your home look more beautiful but also to inspire a feeling of serenity that helps you de-stress and stay focused. That's the power of home decor! Get in touch with me to discuss your ideas and vision.Ā  or give me a ring on 07940 161918