How to Make Your Office Happy with mural paintings

How to Make Your Office Happy with mural paintings


This is How to Make Your Home Office a Happy Space with a Hand Painted Mural

Working from home has never been so popular. Whether you're a freelance writer or a crafter-and-seller, it affords you flexibility, creative expression and a sense of achievement.

If you run a business from home, having a dedicated office is a must. It helps you stay focused on your work and prevents office clutter from spilling out into the rest of your home. Crucially, it also helps you separate your professional life from your social/family life; switching off and winding down after work is essential for wellbeing and productivity.

To make your workspace look more beautiful and feel more inspiring, consider sprucing it up with a wall mural, professionally hand-painted by me. If you're a blogger, an inspirational wall quote in Millennial Pink against a chic grey backdrop would look fab! Dress up your desk with some pretty stationery and a succulent or two and you've got the cutest, most motivational work zone.

If you're a guy who works from home (or pink just isn't your thing!) you could choose an industrial wall art scene instead. A city skyline mural will inspire you to think big and reach for the top. A vintage map mural will stimulate your imagination - and help you plan your next well-earned holiday! If pictorial designs don't appeal, how about something more abstract? Geometric shapes are great for lovers of minimalism; paint splash murals are popular with arty types; watercolour ink blot designs create a modern, relaxed feel.

If you work in a multifunctional room, say, the living room or your bedroom, it's important you designate one part of it as a work-only zone. I can design a wall mural that cleverly creates a boundary between your work and play areas to keep them separate.

So let's transform your home office into an inspiration station! Get in touch with me to discuss your needs and ideas.

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