How to Create a Blissful Mindfulness Retreat With a Mural in Your Bedroom

How to Create a Blissful Mindfulness Retreat With a Mural in Your Bedroom


How to Create a Blissful Mindfulness Retreat with a Mural in Your Bedroom 

Mindfulness is the buzzword of the moment. It's the practice of learning to live in the moment; of being more attuned to your thoughts and feelings to improve your emotional wellbeing. In order to live more mindfully, you need to address every aspect of your lifestyle, from your diet to your home decor. Only then will you feel more focused and discover a fresh new mindset.

Perhaps you've already considered making some lifestyle changes, such as decluttering your bedroom to create a more relaxing space? Once the clutter is cleared out, you can start to think about giving your decor an overhaul with some calming colours.

A bedroom wall mural painted in soft, soothing shades would be perfect. Pale aqua, blush pink, dove grey, creamy oatmeal... these are all shades that are gentle on the senses. As for designs, rolling ocean waves, dandelions in a gentle breeze and wispy cloud formations will take you to your happy place.

If you're in need of motivation rather than relaxation, how about an inspirational wall quote? This could be something as traditional as "live laugh love" or a more personal motto; choose whatever speaks to you and puts a spring in your step! You could choose a witty quote that makes you smile, a phrase to get you out of bed in the mornings or words of wisdom that help you keep calm and carry on.

Your chosen wall quote can be painted somewhere discreet (try a daily affirmation by your dressing table mirror) or in full view (consider a joyful love quote above your bed). Whatever your bedroom mural ideas, discuss them with me to ensure you get exactly the design you want. While I can't promise to bring order to your hectic lifestyle, I can give you the mural of your mindfulness dreams. Just get in touch!