How to Transform Your Home into a Wonderful Autumn Hideaway

How to Transform Your Home into a Wonderful Autumn Hideaway


How to Transform Your Home into a Wonderful Autumn Hideaway

When the nights begin to draw in and you feel the first crisp chill of autumn, hibernating at home sounds so appealing, doesn't it? Retreating into a cosy space makes you feel all warm and fuzzy during cold, bleak days and long, dark nights! So here are some home decor hacks for creating a wonderfully snug living room hideaway.

Clever use of Colour

Typical autumnal tones include russet browns, forest greens and rich plums. Bright pops of teal or ochre and metallic copper accents will lift the darker hues. This colour palette will create an enveloping sense of warmth in your room.

Introduce Touchable Textures

Dress your sofa with plump cushions and soft throws. Pair chunky knits with dreamy faux furs and throw in some quirky pompom-embellished pieces. Pine cones and raw wood decor can be added for authenticity.

Play Around with Pattern

Hares are particularly on-trend this autumn; team them with forever-favourite like foxes, owls and stags. Choose woodland animal ornaments in burnished bronze or fabrics printed with repeating leaf motifs.

Make Your Walls the Hero!

To really make your autumnal decor stand out, commission me to paint a professional wall mural! Try a forest mural in which tawny owls gaze down from dense trees. For a playful look, try an animal mural with foxes frolicking among tumbling autumn leaves. Or for a truly impressive woodland mural, consider a majestic stag rising from behind your sofa!

Choosing earthy and jewel tones will ensure your rustic wall mural captures the essence of this enchanting season. Layer up with accessories and you'll have the cosiest, most beautiful retreat that's perfect for curling up in. Hot chocolate by the fireside, anyone?

If you want to bring the beauty of the season into your home, get in touch with me to discuss your autumn mural ideas.


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