Beautiful Painted Window Murals by a UK Mural Painter

Beautiful Painted Window Murals by a UK Mural Painter


Beautiful Painted Window Murals by a UK Mural Painter

How can you add depth, colour and intricate design to your walls and bring the outdoors in without redecorating or revamping your home? Easy: with a painted window mural.


Window murals are simply stunning. They're designed to give the illusion of a real window and a view of the "great wide somewhere". Carefully painted on your wall by me, a professional UK mural painter, they enhance the beauty of your home, give you a calming vista to gaze at - and often baffle your guests!


Fake window wall murals can also create a feeling of space in a small room - a little like a mirror does. So no matter how bijou your room is, you can have the hand painted wall mural you've been coveting without overwhelming your space. Just by having a 3D window mural on a single wall, you'll be introducing a touch of personality but keeping the overall look clean and uncluttered. No fussy knick-knack-lined shelves or framed wall art to gather dust and get in the way!


In addition, window scene murals are a fabulously fashionable (and hassle-free) way to brighten up your room. You can tap into a top home trend without having to do any major alterations to your home, or worse - hang wallpaper!


The scene you choose can complement your existing decor or reflect your passions. If you're a nature lover, a woodland, coastal or countryside view is sure to appeal. If exotic adventures are more your thing, a tropical beach or rainforest design would float your boat! Whatever kind of scenery makes you smile I can recreate it from a photograph or design something completely fresh from just a few ideas.


Considering switching up your space with a painted window mural? Get in touch with me to discuss your design ideas.