The Magic Of Painted Wall Murals For Dementia Sufferers in the UK

The Magic Of Painted Wall Murals For Dementia Sufferers in the UK


Murals are unique in their ability to add colour, texture, fun and meaning to the environment of care homes and specialist dementia wards. The size of murals makes them an obvious choice for patients with cognitive challenges, who struggle to make out smaller details. Thought and care needs to be given to the topic or themes of murals for care homes and some good themes are calming scenes of tranquillity, such as beaches, gardens and countryside scenes and images that trigger memories, such as scenes and icons from residents’ youth.

Colours do affect the feel and energy of a room, to create an “active” place, the use of warm colours, particularly red and orange, which is physiologically stimulating, works well. Red is known to raise the blood pressure slightly and increases blood flow and therefore appetite. Orange encourages sociability so is a great colour to use in activity areas.

The use of reminiscence artwork in the care of people with cognitive impairment is well documented and there is increasing enthusiasm for decoration that includes these elements and that is why Reminiscence murals are so important.

Much more can be done to improve the lives of dementia sufferers through well thought out interiors and increased use of colourful decorative murals.

The combination of visual signposting and the creation of relaxing areas with distinctive themes is a powerful combination and have enormous benefits for all concerned.

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