Mural Ideas for Your New Baby's Nursery

Mural Ideas for Your New Baby's Nursery


Mural Ideas for Your New Baby's Nursery

Hand painted nursery murals are a great way to welcome your new arrival into the family home. They're beautifully decorative, appealing to you and your baby, and are a practical alternative to wallpaper. What's more, they can stimulate your little one's imagination as he or she grows and becomes more visually aware.

As a mum myself, I understand how important it is to make your little bundle feel comfortable and happy. I also know that baby's nursery should be a safe space, so I use only quick-drying, odour-free, non-toxic paints.

When commissioning your custom nursery mural, you will have free reign to create something wonderful! You can opt for a gender-specific or unisex colour palette, and you'll have endless possibilities when it comes to the design! Nature scenes, animal themes, and characters from books and cartoons always make cute nursery wall murals. And then, of course, there are classic alphabet designs and whimsical imaginings.

To maximise the value of your chosen nursery wall art, you could choose a simple design that will still appeal as your baby gets older. Jungle animals, Beatrix Potter characters and woodland scenes are incredibly versatile and will grow with your child. 

In short, baby room murals can be used to create a calming pastel-coloured space or a bright and bubbly character-filled place for your new bundle of joy!

If you're interested in a custom nursery wall mural contact me for more information.