Mural Restoration

Mural Restoration


Along with many other fellow mural painters we love what we do, and we also know that our clients value very much the art creations we design for them, and the beauty of having a hand painted mural is that it does last and last and last... but of course sometimes clients will get to the point where they have possibly had a leak in the roof, or something has damaged the wall by accident - removing some of the mural at the same time - these things do happen but they can be fixed!

I recently worked for a school in York were they had a mural that was over 25 years old and the room was used as a classroom for the last 10 years so the artwork had seen its fair share of wear and tear! The commissioned me to taken on the challenge of not only cleaning the artwork but also repairing the paintwork were it was missing, and touching up the mural were it was covered in scratches..  you can see on the picture below some of the wholes that had to re painted!

With some time, patience and lots of colour mixing plus a grate deal of elbow greese - we breathed new life into the mural, and restored the artwork to its former glory.


Do you have a damaged mural, or a mural that needs repairing or touching up - or you may have a mural that needs completely re doing - just get in touch to see how I can help.  07940 161918