Hand Painted Tree Wall Murals by Cheshire Mural Artist Joanna Perry

Hand Painted Tree Wall Murals by Cheshire Mural Artist Joanna Perry


A Growing Trend: Hand Painted Tree Wall Murals

It's no secret that nature soothes the soul. A woodland walk, a picnic in the park or a spot of wildlife-watching can all restore peace and joy to our busy lives! People are now - more than ever - beginning to understand and appreciate the importance of connecting with the natural world. So it's little wonder that tree wall murals have become so popular, as they bring the wonder of the outdoors, indoors.

Trees are beautiful, mystical and much-loved. I've painted countless nature murals in homes and commercial spaces over the years, but I'm definitely seeing a surge in clients requesting tree murals. Perhaps it's because trees are so lovely to look at, or because they're a modern alternative to traditional floral wallpaper. Current interior trends are leaning toward detailed forest murals in strong colours as well as dainty, ethereal birch tree wall mural designs painted around a doorway in shimmering shades of grey.

Where space allows, a large-scale woodland wall mural looks incredible in a dining room, and is equally as suitable for a community centre where a calming, welcoming vibe is essential. A fun forest scene wall mural translates well in a child's bedroom or playroom - especially if there are some enchanted woodland creatures hidden within the design!  

Whether you dream of a design that covers an entire feature wall, spans a whole room, or simply and elegantly punctuates your space, a hand painted tree wall mural is perfect.

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