Hand Painted Wall Murals for your Restaurant

Hand Painted Wall Murals for your Restaurant


Eating out is not just about great food; it's about a full experience. Everything from your service to your d├ęcor contributes to your diners' enjoyment of the occasion, so the look and atmosphere of your restaurant is crucial.

A bespoke wall mural is a wonderful way to capture the essence of your restaurant's mission, values and style. Adorning your walls with beautiful, unique artwork shows a commitment to your customers' satisfaction while making your brand all the more memorable. Your diners' experiences will be enhanced by a feeling of exclusivity and your space will look amazing!

You can commission your mural to fit with your venue - and menu! A wall mural for an Italian restaurant could feature olives, trailing vines, and of course, wine bottles. For an Indian restaurant, a mural of Eastern themes, Bollywood influences and rich golden tones works well. A Chinese takeaway mural should be lively and intriguing with exquisite calligraphy, rampant dragons and a lucky cat or two.

I can work to your design - from mood-enhancing fine dining restaurant murals of flowers and swirls, to 50s-style American diner murals alive with vibrant Tinseltown imagery. You'll impress your clientele with an all-encompassing experience they'll want to return to again and again!

Whatever you have in mind, I will liaise closely with you to ensure you get the perfect design.

If you're interested in a restaurant mural contact me for more information.