Contemporary Hand Painted Lounge Wall Murals

Contemporary Hand Painted Lounge Wall Murals


The lounge, the living room, the sitting room... whichever name you prefer, it's a space where you can hang out together as a family, unwind or be entertained. It's possibly one of the most-used rooms in your home; a high-traffic area that needs to be functional, comfortable and stylish.

Your lounge d├ęcor should integrate with this idea, too. My hand painted wall murals are a complete solution - more practical than wallpaper which can look shabby over time, and more inspirational than plain-painted walls and off-the-peg canvas art!

The beauty of a bespoke lounge wall mural is that you can have any design your heart desires, from abstract and artsy to natural and inspirational. Woodland and floral designs will stand the test of time and still look fresh in years to come. They also make accessorising your room effortless. Alternatively, a sleek, ultra-modern mural is a bold way to showcase your personality to neighbours and guests!

Let your artwork influence the room's atmosphere, for an inviting space that has personality and style. A contemporary mural will cleverly set the tone and mood. Create a calming Zenlike space with a design inspired by nature or Eastern culture; energise your room with vibrant colours and a funky focal point mural that is as unique as you.

Whatever you have in mind, I will liaise closely with you to ensure you get the perfect design.

If you're interested in a hand painted lounge mural contact me for more information.