Murals For Adults and Why Everyone should have one in their home

Murals For Adults and Why Everyone should have one in their home


Murals For Adults and Why Everyone should have one in their home……….

We often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, there are no mathematical laws that you have to follow to understand the importance of a picture. However, I know that you want to inspire your guests when they enter your house or office space. You want to show them how creatively you have decorated your home interior. Hand Painted wall murals are the best choice to give a positive and warm environment .


Most of the people have the misconception that murals are only for kids to make them feel safe in their rooms. I have hand painted many murals in children’s hospitals to give them a homely  feeling. However, my murals are great for adults as well. You can have a mural on one or many walls of your house and it will improve or create a desired look or theme. Below we have some of the benefits that adults can get from my hand painted murals.


1-Hand Painted murals fit any size of Wall or Ceiling

Any size of wall can have a mural hand painted on it, even if it’s a funny shape or length. The bigger the space the more it will make the mural  pop out, and grab the attention of your guests any style or design can be created.


2-My Murals make a statement

Murals are unique and can be painted according to your requirements. That is why they create a bold statement about your personality and your house. All my murals are designed to ensure that they will leave a positive impression or create the designer image you are looking for.


3-Murals improve any Room

Colours have special effects on emotions and feelings. Bold, large and bright colours in your bedroom will create and inspire any age with different styles and themes. Having light colours in the entrance hall can have a calming effect on peoples moods or a fun design can welcome and relax others.


4-Murals can work in any location

 Murals are not limited to you or kid’s rooms. If you can creatively think of a  design,  I can paint it in any part of the house. You can even think of something related to your garden or holiday and I can paint in  it maybe in your kitchen to remind you of the outdoors or the beach you once visited. All my murals create an inviting effect.


5-Mural painting

Re decorating a room can take days to complete, on the other hand, my beautiful hand painted wall murals are cost effective and a stunning addition to your home, office or Playbarn . Murals can dry quickly are safe for all situations and do not leave a room smelling of paint. 


Select the right mural for your house


For the perfect wall mural, there are different types of products available in the market. However,  my hand painted murals can work round all  things you may need to consider with a vinyl sticker or wall paper mural.


A few things you have to consider to assure that you can select the right mural according to your needs.


  • The shape of the wall as well as if there are any doors or windows that might affect the design.
  • You have to consider the surface of the wall whether it is smooth or rough
  • You have to consider the location or durability of the location of a mural.
  • Consider the fact that whether it will be outdoor or indoor as well as the weather conditions of your area.


If you want personal a designed or customized mural I am here to help and advise. I can design a unique mural to fit your space, idea and budget giving you the perfect mural for your home.