Mural Ideas On Pinterest

Mural Ideas On Pinterest


Because Pinterest is filled with users’ favorite bookmarked ideas and products, it’s an ideal source of inspiration. When a person wants a recipe for chocolate cake, why not search on Pinterest to see which versions other people find delicious? When a person wants wall murals ideas,  a quick search on Pinterest turns up dozens of good options. Likewise, simply scrolling through your feed reveals all the latest pins from your contacts. That’s why Pinterest is an easy inspiration source for a wide range of topics.

At its heart, Pinterest is a social network—and when users interact with each other through likes, comments, and repins, they are building and strengthening relationships. For many Pinterest users, this interaction is part of the appeal of the site. They connect with fellow bloggers or friends by sharing pins.

I have some of my current mural work featured on Pinterest and other websites across the internet , for example Murals for Boys, Murals for Girls. Jungle Animal Murals.

Check out the link below for mural painting and wall art ideas....


Why i love Pinterest as a mural artist. 

When you share pictures on Pinterest, you’re not just sharing your content with your followers but everybody else on Pinterest. In Pinterest using the “Everything” option people can look at everything that’s being shared and if they find it interesting they can comment on it, repin it, or like it.

When you use facebook, only the people who “like” your page or those who have subscribed to your updates can see your latest content, on twitter it’s your followers, on Linkedin it’s your connections, etc. If you want to be successful with any social media you need develop a huge fan base first before being able to market your pictures and work. But it’s not the same with Pinterest, as people can look at everything everyone shares on Pinterest.