Hand Painted Wall Murals

Hand Painted Wall Murals


When it comes to decorating either your home or commercial space, you may not know where to start. You know you want to creatively express your ideas and personal taste, but how?

Before you lose heart and reach for the dreaded magnolia emulsion, break the mould and opt for a custom hand painted wall mural! As the UK's leading mural designer, I can help your budding ideas blossom into a larger-than-life piece of freehand artwork, bursting with unique character.

My designer wall murals are expertly hand drawn, so there's really no limit to the styles you can have. Decorative scenes for a grown-up space, or animals and cartoon characters for kid's rooms; I can paint them all! Bold, modern and graphic, or inspirational, traditional and true-to-life; your one off mural design will revitalise your room - and make a hot talking point, too!

Your home should be a reflection of your passions, your personality, and of who you are. Similarly, your commercial or work space should inspire positive vibes in both staff and clients. So show your room some love! Commission a bespoke hand painted wall mural that will refresh your room and make you smile.

Whatever you have in mind, I will liaise closely with you to ensure you get the perfect design.

If you're interested in a decorative hand painted wall mural contact me for more information.