How to Design A Bright & Modern Nursery

How to Design A Bright & Modern Nursery


Designing and planning your baby's nursery is a fun and exciting task.

There are so many different designs, looks and colour schemes out there in magazines and on the internet that it can make your choices tricky. Pinterest, Instagram and baby magazines are great for ideas and a good starting point is to choose a neutral base colour for the walls. White is a perfect base colour, not only does it make a room light & airy but everything looks great against it. Add pops of colour with with one of my nursery styled murals specially designed to work with your theme and colour palette.

If you choose a style of mural with longevity your child will continue to love the painting as they grow, and I can help you with the design from start to finish.

Just get in touch and see how I can make your new nursery magical.