The Major Benefits Of Murals In Care Homes

The Major Benefits Of Murals In Care Homes


There have been a number of studies showing that the physical environment plays an important part in the quality of life of residents of care homes and dementia suffers. Many studies suggest that a well designed environment can even slow down the advancement of dementia and aid the wellbeing and independence of residents.

Residents emotional wellbeing can be greatly improved by murals that are meaningful to them, rather than confusing, disorientating wallpaper, or worse, plain walls. Murals can be used to help residents find their way around, increasing their independence. 

There are also practical benefits to having murals within these settings and that is they don't peel off, or mark like wallpaper or stickers do, and with the specialist paint I use they can also be wiped clean, making murals a wise long term investment in the decor of a care home.

Residents, carers and staff can also get so much from the process of designing a mural for their care home, and I take on board all of the special design requirements needed when putting together a mural scheme.

I have listed down below some of the many benefits that bespoke hand painted wall mural schemes can add to care homes and specialist Dementia wards:

Murals reduce stress by enabling residents to find their rooms more easily, due to recognising where they are because of the murals on the wall.

Murals increase the use of the communal areas as the murals make the rooms more inviting and bring back memories that the residents can enjoy reminiscing about.

Murals increase the social aspect of a residents day because they want to go and use the communal area more.


Carers, staff and visitors get satisfaction and enjoyment at seeing the residents more comfortable in their environment and happier in the communal areas, and more able to navigate the corridors and amenities because of the different murals in the different areas.

Murals are a very practical solution to decorating care homes and dementia units because they last and last, are wipe clean and if designed correctly do not date, unlike wallpaper or stickers that date so quickly and can peel off.

Murals can use colour to emphasize what’s important, such as doors, staircases or views to interesting vistas or activity areas.

Get in touch and let me show you how I can transform your care home and dementia sufferers environment.