Quality Decor For Play Barns and Soft Play Centres

Quality Decor For Play Barns and Soft Play Centres


When your children are little and the rain is splashing down outside - a play barn or soft play centre is a brilliant place to take the kids for fun and entertainment, but the decor of a play barn or soft play centre can sometimes really let the place down and make it less inviting to go to, and spend time in.

Murals are a very straight forward cost effective solution to decorating interiors of children's indoor play areas and can totally transform the environment into a space that is full of colour, imagery and life, making the time you spend enjoying a quiet cup of coffee while your kiddies play, a much more pleasant one.

Murals don't date and don't peel off and with the use of my specialist paint they can be wiped clean as well, perfect when many a little sticky finger will be touching the walls! Murals offer style and design to a play centre and show the level of thought and care the owners place on the space their customers use. A soft play centre I recently fully themed throughout with wall murals noticed a vast increase in footfall due to their new bright jungle themed interior.

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