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As well as painting murals across the UK each week for clients for many different clients, I have also trained other mural artists and I now exclusively offer my mural training DVDs for sale via my website for up and coming artists wanting to start painting commercially themselves.

Special Offer price £195.                   

To purchase the full set of  3 x Mural Training DVD's as fully detailed below - by  Joanna Perry Top UK Mural Artist, please contact me directly for my payment Options .


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(filmed recently and only available direct from my website)

In these Mural Training DVD's of approx  3 hours running time, I guide you in detail, on all aspects of running a hand painted mural business. I cover a range of topics as fully detailed below  - managing and marketing, pricing and producing designs for clients, painting skills, as well as advice on all the correct equipment and tools needed. I also hand paint two wall murals throughout the DVD's guiding you on all the correct methods of producing a professionally finished mural.
So due to demand I have filmed and sell my own comprehensive guide to mural painting.


Starting a Mural Business - topics include

  • Getting the Basics in Place
  • Marketing and Advertising Your Business
  • Setting Up as a Sole Trader or Limited Company explained
  • Your website and Internet Marketing
  • Getting Your Business Known – what to do when you get an enquiry
  • Establishing what your customer wants
  • Producing designs, what type of art work to show clients
  • How to quote for mural work
  • General Pricing and Costing involved in a job
  • The issue of Copyright
  • Plus a lot more

The Right Equipment and Paint, Mural Preparation & Expressive Mural Painting Effects and Techniques - topics include

  • Paint, Colours and Blending techniques
  • A structured approach to your professional murals
  • Preparing for a professional mural job – your tool box and equipment needed
  • Preparing the client for the Mural before you arrive
  • How to Paint a professional mural in a client's home
  • What preparation is needed before undertaking a mural
  • Exciting ranges of expressive painting techniques to use in all manner of murals
  • Key ways of how to make sure your mural on the day goes to plan and smoothly
  • Advice on making sure you achieve what your customer wants
  • Plus a lot more

How to Paint a Professional Mural in a Client's Home From Start to Finish - topics include

  • Detailed Painting Techniques –blending, brushes, and correcting mistakes
  • Dealing with the client
  • Considerations when painting in a client's home
  • Scaling of the design
  • Correct placement of the mural
  • The required finish
  • Signing off work by client
  • Getting Paid
  • Plus many other topics 


Special Offer price £195.  

 (Price includes UK 1st class recorded post & packaging)



(filmed last year and only exclusively available direct from my website

So don't wait any longer – buy my set of DVD's, and take your artistic skills to the next level – become a professional mural artist. Order today and you can have all my experience and knowledge on DVD's to refer to time and time again and turn your creative style into your own successful professional mural painting business.